Wednesday, February 3, 2010

well, i warned you!!

i said i'll be blogging about pie alot, and behold! the very fist pie blog post!!
if you've met me, you'd know i'm crazy about pie. meat, cherry, lemon, apple, pizza, you name it, chances are i love it!!
save for pies that include pumpkin, most vegetables and roots, with the exception of onions, and kidney...
i loves me a good steak and onion pie... bless em Brits for coming up with such ingeniousness.
i had pizza for dinner, and i must say, i love pizza. i'm too big of a fan of New York style... but theres one place thats purely amazing!!
its a little place on stevens creek, called A Slice of New York. best. NY. style. pizza. EVER!!
and i'm serious. i went to NY a few weeks ago, and even went to the VERY FIRST pizzaria in america... and it was TERRIBLE!! total SELLOUTS!!
but Chicago Deep-Dish is where its at. and only one awesome place nearby (or semi-nearby), and thats Patxi's (pah-cheese) in Downtown Palo Alto.
i'm actually asking my dad to fly me up for my birthday this year for 2 days of PIZZAPIZZAPIZZZA!!!

but meat pies are delicous too!! best one i ever had was in an english pb, of course, but i still havent had one yet that compares to it. i have had one at The Duke of Edinburgh that was delicous, though. pretty good, i must say.

and sweet pies, my god they are delicous!! chee=rry is my favorite, but i appreciate a goo lemon pie of any sort or apple pies are always welcome...
when i cant get a whole pie, and need a pie fix, hostess hand held pies are where its at... pretty good, considering..

and yes. this shall conclude it for today.


Chetan K. said...

shut the hell up pieboy. Oh shit, these comments aren't anonymous? I love you adi!

Adi said...

lol chetan, buddy, screw you!

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