Thursday, February 11, 2010


for those of you who read my daily blog, for not blogging yesterday; i was beat.
i am today to, and forcing my self to type...
anywho, today was... average, as normal. fially figured out how o glue the kicktail on to the dck of my 70's replica skateboard. tomorrow, i'm probabaly gonna go longboarding to lunch with some friends, and go sliding and stuff.
man, i need a job. bad. i need some source of income to fund m hobbies!!
i mean, i've saved up for a lens, but to buy the lens i want, my savings would go kaput. 'nd thats not good...
plus with longboarding;, i want to get a BC Moray ($100) some Sabre Trucks ($56) and a Clutch Knucky/Babytoe ($116) plus i need some Bennets for my replica deck ($56) with some classic wheels ($29) and bearings ($10)... all in all, totalling $367. and i cant even sell Eva, my current board for anymore than $185 ( a bloody steal o a deal, btw).
like i said; i need a job!!

Any suggestions?


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