Thursday, February 25, 2010


i've noticed i've become quite irresponsible with this blog of mine!
bad me!
i've just been swamped with tech week 1 this week... ending at 10 everyday save for today and tomorrow. sooo bloody tiring, yet quite fun! I am now officially a Tactor isntead of just a tech, which is awesome.
tomorrow night shall be amazing!
before you think "oh, someone asked him to sadies". the answewer is no, no one did, not that i care! i wouldnt go anyways (sorry).
why? because i'm going to santa cruz to see Picture Atlantic at their new album release listening party!!
incredulously stoked!
on that note. on moday, i fell and hit my knee pretty hard, then stupidly ran for 15 minutes on it, and up till this moringn was soo bloody stiff, i could hardly bend it. thus preventing me from my lovely longboard and drums.
i've been doing ton of odd jobs 'round the house to earn $100 for my new longboard deck, since no one is buying Eva... sadly.

anywho, i promise to blog about the show tomorrow!!


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