Friday, July 2, 2010

i'm truely horrible at this

well, this summer so far, i've done nothing but sleeping till noon, or typically later, and go to sleep 'round 2ish+.i really ought to end it...
anyways, otherwise it hasnt been very eventful. i've been riding my new longboard, Layla quite often. she really is awesome. i dont regret buying her. i seriously suffer from G.A.S. though. also know as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. yea. whatever hobbies i get into, i always need to have a lot of things related to it.
happened when i yoyoed. then again, i was never any good, and only did it to chill with my bro. longboarding is actually something i like.

anyways. today, errrrr, yesterday was my birthday party. yes, as of today (today today) i'm 15.
this is crazy. thanks to Toy Story 3, i feel as if my childhood's ending. that movie brought back memories o my wee years, when there was nothing to worry about, everything was so easy, and i had no responsibilities. the ending of the movie hit me hard. i cant believe they had andy do that.
right after the movie, i went and played with all the old toys of mine i still have, including one woody and one buzz. so i was both anxious and slightly dreading it yet excited about my birthday coming right up. and then WHAM! (see there lit teacher? i used onomatopoeia!) it hit me. i really didnt see it coming. but now i'm 15. just half a year from driving. i cant wait. theres so much out there or me. yet i feel like my lifes starting to run out. i just turned 15 but my minds feels as if i turned 50. theres so much i've done, yet so much i havent. for my party, i reaaaalllyyy wanted to rent a 4-in-1 jumphouse. it would have been so epic! but i was stupid and i didnt really plan my party.
and somethings really odd. lately there has been birds chirping away through out the wee hours o the morn'. seriously, what the hell?
WILL THEY SHUT UP? its so annoying!! better than cicadas at any rate.

anywho, i'm off to bed, and i'll write up a post birthday post.

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