Wednesday, February 3, 2010


am i the only one who has a terrible time writing poetry? seriously!!!
i believe i suffer from ithikmystuffisshit-itis! i feel like no poem i write is good! and then i start over, and over, and over. and then i finally say screw it and turn one random one in...
plus the prompts are so fricken LAME!!
and when we get a prompt i do like, i end up writing something to personal to turn in. songwriting is so much more fun, mostly because the words dont NEED TO MAKE SENSE!!
so right now i'm writing a poem for lit. two actually, and i tihnk i'll just write 'em just right here.

i deleted all your music and replaced it with my own
i'm sorry, but your music taste is terrible, and must be changed
and my music is better.

i took and burnt your twilight books
they were terrible and it had to be done
and besides, Lord of the Rings and Hrry Potter are much better serieses.

i ate the cheese burger you saved in the fridge
i'm sorry, but i was famished and it was there
twas delicous, andi couldnt resist!

i took your car savings and spent it all on model cars
i'm sorry, i was bored, and wanted toys
at least you have more cars!


the pitter-patter
and the soft swishing of rain
so peaceful, pleasant.

arrgghh that took forever to write!!
poetry fustrates me to no end.


Mark said...


I like the first poem...ur not that bad

Adi said...

haha! thanks mark!!

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