Wednesday, March 24, 2010

monday evening

around 11 pm-ish, i had a semi-severe allergic reaction... to eggplant.
i've always stayed away the gross looking stuff, because, well it lookked gross. also, it didnt help my mum is allergic to the evil vegetable too.
anyways, we ate dinner around 830 ish, and i was getting stomach pains aroound 915ish, and then i satrted to itch, and tongue swelled up at 945. about 10 20 ish, everything was getting worse, and my esophagus started to feel constricted, and my breathing was heavier. i asked my dad to take a look at my neck since it was itching like hell, and apparently my neck broke out into hives like crazy.
we rushed to the ER, and blah blah blah...
i got an IV, which was surprisingly cool.
i mean its pretty damn weird i find getting a needle poked into my vein and then a skinny plastic tube, then having saline rushing into my veins, with Benedryll and steroids, and some Beta-2 Blockers...
i passed out within 2 minutes of getting the benedryll. that stuff was crazy.
anyways, now i have these two wristbands from the hospital i'm keeping as mementos...
i'll try to gt a more, errr, differnt blog post up later... hitting the gym right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Odyssey

is extremely fun to be a part of!
i'm glad to say i had a part in such an amazing, albeit stressful, show!
its let me out whatever shell i had left! hnging out and taking to everyone is soo much fun. tis gonna suck hen its over tomorrow nigh.
and thats why you all should come see it...
i honestly believe we put in too much work for just 4 shows! quite upsetting really.
innout tonight was fun. there were the same douche bags from Kings Academy there doing the same douchey dance... i mean seriously? 2 friday nights in a row?
then there was the cat from another high schools production of High School Musical2. they were pretty chill, but show offs. if you read up till here comment on this post saying: rooster.
i think i'm definitely going to go for a spoken part for the fall play next school year!
and you know what, i just cant spell definitely! oh the wonders of spell check and auto correction.
yea. the teacher is apparently safe for his job and is coming bac monday from what i've gathered. and now i'm exhoosted and going to bed...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ok some clarifiation on the awesome teacher thingie in the last post: i talked to another awesome teacher, (whom i actually had btw) and she told me that he was under review currently and is under a 5 day suspension.
apparently what really happened was that he was carrying something really heavy, and some kids attacked him with ice balls (not snow, ice!) and he had no way to block them. what happened was it hit him in the face and knocked and bent his glasses.
not cool, you little eighth grade twerps.
admittedly, he didnt react the best way, by fling snow at them...
but some adult saw this whole thing and was egging the twerps to sue him.
not right, douche, not right. he's a well respected and loved teacher, you cant just do that!
the teacher went to the students later and apologized, and said he was wrong, and all, but still, the adult came to the office and reported it. yet again, not cool dude.
well thats that. look, i dont want you guys reading this, if theres any of you, spreading this too much ok? as long as not many people know about this, tis fine...
and ignore any douches saying rumors about him slamming the kid into the snow, or shoving him into a bear-locker for 10 minutes. tis TOTAL bull. right now its down to the kids and their parents to whether or not they pursue this, and i honetly hope they do not. it'd be a shame to see such a great educator be let go like that. if he does get fired, i guarantee that school's going down the crapper.
this is as close to the truth i've found out as of yet, so try to correct any douches spreading lies, mmk?
coolio. regular post later tonight! i has huge french project to start!!

NOTE: I AM PRETTY SURE THIS IS MOSTLY WHAT HAPPENED, BUT DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS. if mentioning to an adult, please leave out my name, as i do not want to get caught up in this.and just sit tight, and be patient. it'll be over soon, just hope he gets out ok.
and little middle schoolers, revolting will get you nowhere.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this is depressing

apparently the coolest, most awesome teacher left at my old middle school, KMS.
did i say left, i meant canned. for apparently throwing a snowball at some kid... big deal? i think not! almost every teacher who went to yosemite last year was involved some snowball fight or another, and they didnt get busted!
difference here is that he was caught on video, and the little squirt who took it posted it to the crazy thing that you're all on right now. no, not my blog. yes, the internet.
so let me put it this way, when i was in seventh grade, my bio teacher was canned. he was by far the most popular teacher on campus. the teacher who was just fired (or rumored to have been) wasnt that close to being as loved by the students as he was. half way through the year, he gets canned, out of no-where. and we get this phsycotic evil women as a replacement for the rest of the year. i must say, she is one leading factor to why i detest bio so much.
anyways, this guy, who i am going to call a friend, because he was, was given the boot for a snowball! in all honesty, i think if he were to get kicked for anything yosemite related, it should have been for last year! if ANYTHING!!
according to the 8th graders, twas pretty fail this year.
but i dunno. its just depressing, first the can an awesome teacher, and then i make friends with this guy, we graduate, we go to highschool, visit him twice before rule is imposed that if we are seen on KMS campus, we can get suspended from MVHS! thus stopping us from seeing him.
and now he gets canned.


As of today, i officially have three mthods of blogging, so i can blog whenever possible... I'm still likely to orget like i do with my twitter, which i hardly use, sadly... I know i installed that at last 2 posts a week thing but with the strss of getting everything right bfore The Odyssey opend, i just had no time! Btw, blogging from my phone right now. Cool, huh? Anyways, opening night went pretty good save for some mishaps. But hell, cant be avoided. Secnd night went really good though. I really wish we had more than 4 shows though! Ayways! You all should come see it if you can! Its MUCH better than the poem. And i liked the poem. So yea....
chilling at work with my dad in san ran today... Kinda bored since he's in meetings right now... Considering i have a computer right i fron o m, i have asolutey no iea why i'm using my phone... Stupid me, since i type fast than it can register, i make some pretty big spelling errors! I am kinda upset i hd to miss an apprently awesome concert due to the odysey on friday. The concert was for the Temper Trap... And it was at the Fillmore too garrrrr! Anyway, atleast i got 30 Seconds To Mars tickets! Thats gonna be pretty fun! Now this bloody phone just isnt picking up letters due to extreme lag. And so i'll blog more later, from my computer. Pardon the typos please!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Santa Cruz

tonight was amazing. sunset by the ocen was stunning, and a photographers dream... definitely going into my sunset triptych, which may expand to a proper series... so far it includes a shot in San fran, one in New york, and now, one in Santa Cruz... i'm gonna do some editing with aperture tomorrow, or i should say later today...
now to why i was in Santa Cruz, i was there to sell my beloved longborad, Eva. 'twas a good run, but i'm afraid i outgrew my fatty phase. anyways, when i was talking to the buyer online, i was imagining a medium built 14-16 yearold white kid, but instead, there was this tall, skinny, and lanky white kid... dunno how old, couldnt tell. well, hell, at least i got the white kid part right! i hope he treats her better than i did.
anyways, BC approved my graphic (somewhat) of a winged BC logo in orange , and an Orange PAcman Ghost... twas supposed to be on a black painted base, but their heat sublimation graphic process would show up on top of that, so i settled for that graphic on good ol' plain bamboo. so i still have to wait a month or so to actually orderit, as they're still down for more periods of time... till mid-april apparently...
nearly ordered thenew clutch cameltoe!
but yea, gonna seit up with some sabres, and will painte 'em orange.. gonna be sick. good news is i have an extra set of wheels and trucks now. but sadly, nothing to put em on... i'm either gonna brrow a friends extra deck, of just shove em n a skate deck... who knows.
anywho. i enjoyed sleeping in today. well worth it!!
oh, and i'm gonna get my room painted!! finally. except instead of being purple with bright green splatter like i'd wanted, my dad says it'll be too dark, so i'm opting for the opposite...
now i've typed alot, so this better hold you guys off for a while.
and yet again. if you see me monday, and read this, walk up to me and say photograph.
hell, write on my wall on facebook and do it, for all i care, just as long as some one reads this, i'll be happy. then i know i dont just waste my time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

lets strike up an agreement...

seeing as i'm pretty busy with teching and other stuff, i havent been able to blog very often, not to mention being dead tired.... so hows about this, instead of trying a one-a-day blog post tactic, i'm gonna try for at least 2 a week. sound good?
anywho, today at tech was pretty chill... got "costumed", and did some odd jobs... me and kevin gallpoed around everywhere yesterday and today. seriously, tis bloody fun!!
our "costume" for tech is rip-off pants and a black tee shirt... so after we were aproved for fit and stuff, all us guys teching went to the guys changing rom and attempted to rip off the panst at the same time...
sadly, it failed. epically. the buttons were incredulously sticky..=[
so yea...
i want pie. reallllyyyyy bad... REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY BADDDD!!!
oh,m did you know that some cats actually sometimes "say" "nom" while they eat?
epic, right? not only us weirdo humans do that!!
when you think about it, we are truly weird creatures... we walk on two feet, we have thumbs, blahhh... odd.
anyways, enough of my random ranting!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Should be changed to Hellweeks, for a coupla reasons...
Reason 1: we typically go till 10 every day, or at least most. Deathly tiring not to mention no time for homework, so already late bedtime gets pushed even fartber back.

Reason 2: since ms. Cornelison calls the Odessey oneva the most ambitious tech shows, i'll take her word for it. Now being on the tech crew, i can tell you that it indeed is very hardcore... I mean, scene changes DURING THE SCENE? whats this?

Reason3: incredibly stressful. Getting the swooshes clipped on perfectly, walkin on/off stage synchronized with everyone else, and getting cues right... Yea, pretty stressful.

After readingthat, i hope that whatever readers i DO have forgive me not bloghing recently. Though frequency, yea, sorry.
I truely wonder if anyone actually reads this!
If you do, come and say the following word to me when you see me at school tomorrow: photograph.
Nowngoodnight And goodbyw for now! I is exhoosted! I'm typin this from my ipod!!

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