Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wow. its been awhile

sorry. i have been busy. school ended last week. man, was that relieving. school, well, lets not bring up that unfortunate subject more than i have to. but i can say finals werent as bad as i thought they'd be. i managed to pull my bio grade up. thats good.
but thats about it when it comes to that damned place.
summer feels good so ar. sleeping in as long as i want., doing anything i want, etc.
My longboard finally shipped out!! YES! and BC said they'd toss in a free shirt for the wait. thats really cool of 'em. but rankly i'm as excited as possible. it reached San Pablo CA around 4:30 yesterday. San Pablo is not but 1.5 hours away! yet still, i received no package on my doorstep. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!
leave it to UPS. i hate 'em!!
so hopefully it comes tomorrow, and i it doesnt, i'm assuming they're trying to hold onto it until the day they predict it to be on my doorstep comes around. I'm really tempted to make a Midnight + raid on the UPS Processing Facility tonight. It will involve rescuing my longboard, then blowing up the place with a huge explosion JUST as we leave, sending us flying into the ground with ridiculous expressions of fear, pain, and victory on our faces.

anyone in?
well, yea. i cant wait to get my board!!! i've been waiting ages for it. i've just ordered it not but a month ago, yet i already have another board in my sight. a Rolls-Rolls Woody 85. sooo nice!! it shall be done, in good time.

i really want a summer job. one that pays good too. i mean, i need money more now that i'm a teenager and my parental units wont just shell out money for something i want. it also doesnt help that the things i want happen to b ridonulously expensive. why oh why did i have to get into PHOTOGRAPHY of all damned things!!??!!!
lenses are soo bloody expensive!! i've been attempting to hunt down a Canon Nifty Fifty used for the past coupla weeks, but to no avail. hopefully my pops just lets me shell out my own savings on it.
i've noticed my "f" key is ridiculous sticky. dunno how it got to be like that.

anyways, i'll try to blog more often over the summer. we'll see how that goes.
and if you or anyone you know is interested in hiring an amateur photographer, CONTACT ME!!

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