Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wasting time.

ah school. the great wastage of time. all we look forward to there, is socializing with friends.
i, myself have nothing good to do there. i'm pretty much coasting in all my classes, except for Bio and french. oh man, how i hate bio. i admit, it is forty times better since that idiot, seremeta left, but all the same, i couldnt give a rat's ass for the subject. for those who are trly intrested in the subject, my apologies, but seriously? who gives? lifes life, just live it, and stop trying to figure out how we are made...
admittedly, it has its importance's, but i'm just not one for the bloody subject
french is just plain hard. as every foreign language is... but i swear to god, when i go to france next, and try speaking, they will immediatly lable me as an american...
i fail EPICALLY in pronunciations and accents.

now the class i truly HATE is PE, but hell, who doesnt?
now i was fine with running in middle school (not really, but it was better), mostly because the teachers were nice and ran WITH YOU!!
but here at MVHS, the teachers are lazy asses. the teachers who's names starts with a "t" especially. not to name any names though. BUt the female teachers are nicer, from what i've heard.

anywho, today was the typical boring block day. i still wonder if any of you read this, or just went to the blog to just check it out.


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