Friday, April 30, 2010


so as i said in my last post. i went to Picture Atlantic's show at Bottom of the Hill in San Fran. sadly none of you guys (if applicable) or any of the kids i told aout the show came, but it was a fantastic show!! truly! Please Do Not Fight was amazing, and deserves just as much praise as P.A. another surprisingly good performance was by Bird By Bird. i went to the show not having any expectations about them, but left with a good opinion! their music ROCKED, but their lyrics were very weak. nonetheless, i liked them enough to buy their EP. but P.A. was amazing! they are just a fantastic band, and i'm just waiting for them to get big! plus then i can say i have been following the band for ages, and i know all of em by name!! but i also bought their brand new EP, Dulce Est Decorum Et. and its amazing! its on iTunes right now, or you can buy a hard copy at their online sore accessible by googling their name, going to their website, an then to their merchstore. check t out. seriously!

so, i also saw Kick-Ass in the time between these two pots... one word for it: AMAZING!!! i absolutely loved it! it totally lived up to the comic, i must say. action was amazing, plus the actress for Katie was hot!
and Hit-Girl was a bloody beastess. seriously. she kicked more ass than kick ass! the actress for her was fantastic. she made the movie right there. and Nick Cage did a great job on Big Daddy. if you havent seen it yet, GO SEE IT!!. iron man 2 is coming out this coming Thursday night!!! SOOO EXCITED! i'm goin' for the premier. me mum is picken' me up after school and taking me straight to the theater.
oh, and my mum came home three days ago! sorry, four.
its great to have her back!
so i really dont know what else to blog about today... well, my long board should be coming later next week o some time the week after!! i'm so bloody excited for it right now, that i dont even know how to express it.

oh, and yesterday, i sent an email to Rolling Stone magazine, asking if i wrote an article, would they publish it. i really hope they get back to me about it soon! an hopefully with good answers, or at least moderatly. that'd be so much fun!!
so yea, i'll post and update on that later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Stoke!

This last weekend was pretty average, so that's not what I'm writing about.
no. I'm writing about this coming weekend! so much going on!
well, first, we need to get through stupid STAR Testing... I'm seriously hoping i don't pass out after/during a test again.
yes, last year i passed out due to dehydration last year. little story behind that: i was taking the history STAR Test in my 1st period history class. epically easy. finished the whole bloody thing in 15 minutes. got a 98% too. but anyways, 3 minutes after i finished, i started feeling; well, bad... i finally got to the point where i asked to be dismissed from class. i got to the office and 5 minutes later, after a brief call to my mum to pick me up, i passed out....

needless to say, i'm trying my best to avoid this happening again, so i plan on, and am carrying around a water bottle. (nearly wrote the line from Tenacious D's song Tribute,"Needless to say/ the beast was stunned.../)

but Thursday'll be nice since we get to go to school at 10am instead of 735am. mmhhmmmm sleep.
Friday is 935. but that's the day i wish we got to go to school at 10. why?
because that amazing day isn't just the end of the week, but the beginning of an epic weekend.
yet again, you may be thinking,"so what, just a weekend?".
well, its better than that! its the Friday that BC Longboards are taking pre-orders!!
I've been waiting for this fateful day for some 5 months now!! and now here's the sucker. they're taking orders at 10am our time... sadly I'll be at school which bites a lot...
I'm considering being "sick" just to get mah board, but I'm gonna ask 'em if i can order my board earlier, and maybe my being a fan boy will've earned me enough brownie points for that to work!
but that's not the apex of my weekend.
Saturday evening is my favorite band, Picture Atlantic's Album Release show!!
it'll be amazing! they're also performing with my brother's friend's older brother's band, Please Do Not Fight. its going to be a great show, and if you're going to be in San Fran on Saturday evening, swing by and check out the show at Bottom of the Hill at 8:30
no plans for Sunday as of yet, but who knows as the week goes, eh?

and i keep apologizing for the rare posts. here i am apologizing again. SORREH!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


the amzingly fun day that comes around once a year... or less often as you age, haha.
anyways, tomorrow's my good friend's birthday, but we celebrated yesterday. great fun.and my brother's is on Tuesday. believe it or not, he doesnt want to turn 17, however awesome of an age that is. he's been counting down the day till it, but not the way most normal people do. odd, huh? anyways, he's been asking me to get him a pocket knife for his birthday. i've been bugging my dad to let me buy it for him, but initially he was against it. but now, i have it sitting in my (very) messy room, in plain site, and he still hasnt found it, nor knows about it.
well, thats something i can give him to brighten up his day, eh?
sad news for though is that he has night classes on his birthday night. awfuly sad, huh?
but anyways, i'm excited for him to take his driving test on the 14 so i can get him to take me for pre-idnight runs to taco bell. pre-idnight because the stupid one close by closes at 12 am...
anyways, few days ago, my bro and i got to chill out with the guys from Picture Atlantic and the guys and girl from Please Do Not Fight. really fun to chill with them, and theres a show on the 24th of april, which any of you guys who are local to san francisco should ome to. its at the Bottom of the Hill at 8:30. great show, so be there!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

i'm such a bad person.

i've no blogged in DAYS!
terribly sorry to those of you who read this blog.
anywho, last weekend was my good bud's birthday, which wa fun as usual!
we pulled our traditional all nighter, which was a blast. even though i was the only one who didnt pass out... again.
my idiot buddy made another impulse purchase at 3 A.M. the ones that you always regret in the morning, you know?
we chilled all night screwing around... and around 6 am we got bored and went down stair to play this video game called Castle Crashers. FINALLY a game i kicked ass at!'

twas pretty fun, but hella trippy, but that coulda been the combination of monster energy drink, no sleep and flashing colors.
so later that day i go home around 4 pm, and i screwed aroud for half an hour before trying to sleep. i havent been sleeping well lately, so i was zonked. anyways, around 6:50 pm, my dad wakes me up and tells me to do my homework, and says that he and my brother are going to a family friend's house for awhile.
apparently i was wide awake, responded coherently, and actually started my jobs.
somehow i dont remember anY of this. crazy huh?
but wait, there's more!
when they got home arond 9:30, i was woken up by the sound of my brother charging down the hall yelling " ADI YOU IDIOT! WHY'D YOU LET THE DOG PISS IN THE BLOODY HOUSE?"
I was like "whaaaatttt?" really groggily.
he's like "you dumbass, you let tasha piss in the living room! why didnt you let her out?"
"cuz i was asleep"
my dad enters and was like "Adi, what are you doing back in bed? why did you let Tasha pee in the house? why didnt you let her out?"
"i was asleep, dad! i jst woke up!"
"no you woke up at 6:50!"
"i did"
"Yes dumbass1' said mah brother.
"whoa, crazy! what happened?"
and then they told me what i said above.
worst part is, now i'm scared to know what i did subconsciously!!

anyways, april first was another Bud's birfdays, and also April fool's day. which was pretty fun. the rest of the week was pretty mundane.
tomorrow night is The Odyssey Cast and Crew Party, which i'm really excited for! 'Twill be fun!
for those of you un-comic book lovers, thats like Comic-Cons Awesome little brother!!
so pumped!!

and i'm ordering my new board as soon as i can. she already hs a name. eerrrrr, technically.still deciding between Scarlett and Layla.
tell me what you think!
more tomorrow hopefully!

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