Saturday, February 6, 2010

chick flicks

what is it that make them chick flicks? well, i mean, why do girls love to watch movies about romance, and love and all that crap? what makes it so appealing?
i was dragged into seeing When In Rome today by, believe it or not, my brother and dad...
they thought it was a comedie, but i knew twas a chick flick! i wanted to see the new john travolta movie, but noooo...
but anywhoo, there was a group of 3-4 preteen girls sitting behind us,and i swear, they literally CRIED!!
why women and girls like to watch movies about heart break and shit, making guys the bad person, i dont know.
then again, why do we like to watch action flicks?
hella tired today!
but uesh... blahh day, blahhh weekend. tomorrow should be good though!


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