Friday, February 5, 2010

improv/ drama showcase

tonight went well!
all though i was not preforming in the show, i did serve the guests, which was fun, albiet challenging, believe it or not.
it was fun! good show by the Improv Team, and the Jazz band!
and of course, i dont know if he'll read this, but congradualations is due to Jarryd Alfaro, for recieving the Andrew Segal Scholarship, as i believe it was called. correct me if i was wrong.
all in all, a good nightt, though the news that was apparently good, fell through, but ehh, no big deal..
KINDA dissappointed, but ehhhhh...
yes those of you who were in on tihs, mouths still must remain closed, as this is exactly why i didnt want to tell EVERYONE!!
i have had waayyyy too much sugr today, in many forms
my awesome jeans that i love cuz they are soft and broken in like hell and uberly comfortable's hole in the thigh, right where i stitche it up's, stiches tore today... and now the bloody hole grew, so i'm going to have to patch it up... =[.
anywho, i'd really like to know who my readers are! feel fre to comment and what not!!


Pillsbury said...

I already told you that I read your blog, but yeah. This is Adoree. (:

Jon said...

yo_shi from theyo here. =] saw your post and added to my feed. keep it up dude!

Adi said...

hey thanks Jon and adoree! good to know people read my posts! i'm writing my blog oof the day write now, check it out!

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