Thursday, February 18, 2010


so far, so good. havent done much, really. i was pulled out to lunch with some friends on tuesday and wednesday. i've basically been sleeping in all week.

so as most of you guys know, i'm into longboarding. but my dillema is a=i can fund my passion!!
in woodshop, i'm building a replica '70's board, and i need to buy trucks and wheels for it, but i cant afford it!! i'm trying to sell my current skateboard and longboard too.
by the way, anyone wanna buy 'em,? =P

so i finally decided to wait for the new bigger lens for my camera, and get a 50mm lens and a flash. i thhink hats a good decision, as i wanna get into portraiture. and when i do, i will be needing models, so feel free to comment if you want the job. (no pay, just awesome pics to show off!!)
soo yea, i've been neglecting this poor blog. i'm thinking of chnaging the layout some...
who knows!!


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