Sunday, February 28, 2010

this kinda sucks

i didnt get to see PA yesterday...
tech let me out too late yesterday, and we also had to go do something before the show, and by the time we'd be done with that an drive to santa cruz, it wouldnt have been worth it.
therefore, i made the decision to go to sadies. and boy, was that a stupid choice... all i did all night was talk to what ever single friends that went, and chill with them... all my other friends who have girl/boyfriends were busy freaking...

morahd, if you read this; i'm sorry, but i'm going to rant about music again.
the dj sucked. seriously... from what i know about mixing, he did a shitty ass job of it...
not only was his mixing terrible, he chose the worst song to play. considering our school's anti-freaking, or "pancaking" as evy said, policy, freaking was the only think you COULD do to that music... pathetic...
not the best use of a night.
anyways, today i groomed the dogs, and replaced the bathroom sink to earn some moolah for my new longboard deck, as no one's buying my current one... i'm going to have to hold off buying new trucks for now, since i havent sold my boards...=[
i'm gonna order my new deck as soon as BC confirms my deck idea!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


i've noticed i've become quite irresponsible with this blog of mine!
bad me!
i've just been swamped with tech week 1 this week... ending at 10 everyday save for today and tomorrow. sooo bloody tiring, yet quite fun! I am now officially a Tactor isntead of just a tech, which is awesome.
tomorrow night shall be amazing!
before you think "oh, someone asked him to sadies". the answewer is no, no one did, not that i care! i wouldnt go anyways (sorry).
why? because i'm going to santa cruz to see Picture Atlantic at their new album release listening party!!
incredulously stoked!
on that note. on moday, i fell and hit my knee pretty hard, then stupidly ran for 15 minutes on it, and up till this moringn was soo bloody stiff, i could hardly bend it. thus preventing me from my lovely longboard and drums.
i've been doing ton of odd jobs 'round the house to earn $100 for my new longboard deck, since no one is buying Eva... sadly.

anywho, i promise to blog about the show tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


so far, so good. havent done much, really. i was pulled out to lunch with some friends on tuesday and wednesday. i've basically been sleeping in all week.

so as most of you guys know, i'm into longboarding. but my dillema is a=i can fund my passion!!
in woodshop, i'm building a replica '70's board, and i need to buy trucks and wheels for it, but i cant afford it!! i'm trying to sell my current skateboard and longboard too.
by the way, anyone wanna buy 'em,? =P

so i finally decided to wait for the new bigger lens for my camera, and get a 50mm lens and a flash. i thhink hats a good decision, as i wanna get into portraiture. and when i do, i will be needing models, so feel free to comment if you want the job. (no pay, just awesome pics to show off!!)
soo yea, i've been neglecting this poor blog. i'm thinking of chnaging the layout some...
who knows!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

yet again, sorry!

i havent written in this blog for, what, 3 days now?
i'm sorry, i've been pretty busy...
well, yesterday, i went snowboarding as a day trip with my dad, bro, and some family friends. it was pretty fun! the only time i actually fell from losing control, becuase some asshole swerved RIGHT infront of me, i landed on my tailbone. successfully re-sparking an old injury, causing me pain today... when we got home, we found one of my BRAND FRICKEN NEW slidnig gloves that my brother bought me for christmas, chewed up and annihilated by my fricken cow of a dog, tasha.
i've noticed something, she only chews up MY stuff, ever since we got her...
always my stuff, never my brother's, dad's, or mum's.
well, worst part? i only used them twice. yes twice... and the cow chewed 'em up...
and now i'm out $40 and have a set of sliding pucks, and no gloves to stick 'em on.
my cousin who lives in LA is in town today, so we're gonna go get some 'za later...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


for those of you who read my daily blog, for not blogging yesterday; i was beat.
i am today to, and forcing my self to type...
anywho, today was... average, as normal. fially figured out how o glue the kicktail on to the dck of my 70's replica skateboard. tomorrow, i'm probabaly gonna go longboarding to lunch with some friends, and go sliding and stuff.
man, i need a job. bad. i need some source of income to fund m hobbies!!
i mean, i've saved up for a lens, but to buy the lens i want, my savings would go kaput. 'nd thats not good...
plus with longboarding;, i want to get a BC Moray ($100) some Sabre Trucks ($56) and a Clutch Knucky/Babytoe ($116) plus i need some Bennets for my replica deck ($56) with some classic wheels ($29) and bearings ($10)... all in all, totalling $367. and i cant even sell Eva, my current board for anymore than $185 ( a bloody steal o a deal, btw).
like i said; i need a job!!

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


whoaza my muscles are sore as hell. all result of going to the gym alot recently, and lifting weights...
its totally gonna be worth it, but its painful right now...
anywho, normal day, kinda. tuesdays just arent meant to feel this long!! i'm agonizing over my course selections for next year. i REALLLYYYY want to be in photo 1, but, i'd have to put it as my seventh, and risk not getting in... which would suck. alot.
or i could skip out on PE next year, get on the baseball team 2 years in a row, and get those credits done, and that frees up aperiod for photo.
but i think i'm just gonna go with it as my seventh.
since tomorrow is NOT late start (just a reminder to those readers at MV), i'm gonna hit the hay now.
shite, gotta do my math homework. i should do it at LEAST once a week.

Monday, February 8, 2010

yet another routine day

so today was routine as ever...wake up, go to school, blahblahblah, come home, screw around, go to schoolloop...
well the image above is a screenshot of what i got...
it fricken says "we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outrage"
schoolloop just became more epic in my eyes, in addition to the fact that it was 3 sets of double letters IN A ROW!!
still recovering form working out at the gym yesterday morning... i've ben sore all day... lifted too much weights...
i hate how everyday slips into being exactly the same!! its quite annoying! i mean, i'd like some twists in my daily life sometimes, you know! and it jus makes me think: if i dont like school, my career later n life will be hell, therefore; i shall promise to try and avoid an office job as much as possible in my near future, and far fture as well... but who knows what path my life's on right now...
i'm currently listening to some 'floyd... man those guys ick major fricken ass! too bad they split! i'd've loved to see them live!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

kieren's birthday party

was extremely fun. although i had t miss a (apperntly epic) superbowl party, twas fun!
we first went bowling at strike, which is always quite fun... i didnt play as good as i should have, but an hour and a half later, we hit the arcade, but first we hit the pool table... chetan lucked out at the end and beat me kieren... how he manged, i do not knw; sheer dumb luck i suppose.
anywho, i managed to get enough tickets to win a comic book, which wasnt that good, but whatever... then we hit the movie theater, to see Sherlock Holmes... there, Danny, whom we all feared was dead, met us!! it really was great to see him after so long... watching sherlock holmes again was quite entertaining...
after that, we headed back to kierens place whre we goofed offf a bit... crooks, sadly did not join us, but ah well...
we played COD: MWII, fun a hell... but we got bored, FAST! twas there i broke my vow, and how i regret it. i hope reeti wont read this, or i'm F*CKED!!! i had a monster, or most of one... god, i now realize why i gave that poison up!! it makes me remarkably hyper, and adds to my friken insomnia.

now, the highlight of my night: MJ totally taking chetan down!!
she had kieren's night vision goggles on (that he got wiht MWII), and kieren chucked a pillow at her. she didnt know who did it, so we blamed chetan, who'd walked out a seond before the pillow was thrown. as soon as he cam back, she essentially decked him, pinned him, and hit him several times.
if that wasnt a blow to his ego, i dont know what is!! it was truly a priceless moment!
and then,, the night ended, and so did the fun. good, fun sunday!
a shite, i didnt do my homework... ahh well.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

chick flicks

what is it that make them chick flicks? well, i mean, why do girls love to watch movies about romance, and love and all that crap? what makes it so appealing?
i was dragged into seeing When In Rome today by, believe it or not, my brother and dad...
they thought it was a comedie, but i knew twas a chick flick! i wanted to see the new john travolta movie, but noooo...
but anywhoo, there was a group of 3-4 preteen girls sitting behind us,and i swear, they literally CRIED!!
why women and girls like to watch movies about heart break and shit, making guys the bad person, i dont know.
then again, why do we like to watch action flicks?
hella tired today!
but uesh... blahh day, blahhh weekend. tomorrow should be good though!

Friday, February 5, 2010

improv/ drama showcase

tonight went well!
all though i was not preforming in the show, i did serve the guests, which was fun, albiet challenging, believe it or not.
it was fun! good show by the Improv Team, and the Jazz band!
and of course, i dont know if he'll read this, but congradualations is due to Jarryd Alfaro, for recieving the Andrew Segal Scholarship, as i believe it was called. correct me if i was wrong.
all in all, a good nightt, though the news that was apparently good, fell through, but ehh, no big deal..
KINDA dissappointed, but ehhhhh...
yes those of you who were in on tihs, mouths still must remain closed, as this is exactly why i didnt want to tell EVERYONE!!
i have had waayyyy too much sugr today, in many forms
my awesome jeans that i love cuz they are soft and broken in like hell and uberly comfortable's hole in the thigh, right where i stitche it up's, stiches tore today... and now the bloody hole grew, so i'm going to have to patch it up... =[.
anywho, i'd really like to know who my readers are! feel fre to comment and what not!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


was blehhh... nothhing special...
like a fricken idiot, i wrote those poems yesteday, yet i forgot to print 'em out, and i had to rewarite 'em at brunch today... otherthan that, nothing eventful happened today. just another blahhhh day.
fterschool was the rehearsal for the Drama Showcase. tragically, i was not picked to be preforming in the show itself. instead i'll be waiting on the show, which is fine... admittedly, i deserved to be benched, as it wasnt very smart to miss so many practices... but thats not ENTIRELY my fault...
so i helped with SetCon for the Odyssey, building desks...
and i got paint on my jeans and my new(ish) hoodie!! GARRRR.
but now here i am, listening to Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and writing this blog post...
i seriously need to learn to type; my method is a pain in the fingers!!

anyways, have any of you ever felt like just running away and just living life? i'm sick of Cupertino. well, today i am at least!!
i have a Love/Hate thing for this bloody town. somedays, its nice to live in a small community, but others, theres nothing to do! no where fun to go; nothing to do, bu go eat. closest this entertainment wise is Cupertino Square (what kind of name is THAT?) and thats quit out of longboarding distance...
well i take that back, the Oaks movie theater re-opened, and theres the teen center, but seriously? NOTHING else to do...
oh Listen! Whole Lotta Love!!
the hell?
on that note: i have some thing awesome go my way (for once), but i shall not disclose details just yet...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


am i the only one who has a terrible time writing poetry? seriously!!!
i believe i suffer from ithikmystuffisshit-itis! i feel like no poem i write is good! and then i start over, and over, and over. and then i finally say screw it and turn one random one in...
plus the prompts are so fricken LAME!!
and when we get a prompt i do like, i end up writing something to personal to turn in. songwriting is so much more fun, mostly because the words dont NEED TO MAKE SENSE!!
so right now i'm writing a poem for lit. two actually, and i tihnk i'll just write 'em just right here.

i deleted all your music and replaced it with my own
i'm sorry, but your music taste is terrible, and must be changed
and my music is better.

i took and burnt your twilight books
they were terrible and it had to be done
and besides, Lord of the Rings and Hrry Potter are much better serieses.

i ate the cheese burger you saved in the fridge
i'm sorry, but i was famished and it was there
twas delicous, andi couldnt resist!

i took your car savings and spent it all on model cars
i'm sorry, i was bored, and wanted toys
at least you have more cars!


the pitter-patter
and the soft swishing of rain
so peaceful, pleasant.

arrgghh that took forever to write!!
poetry fustrates me to no end.

i said i'll be blogging about pie alot, and behold! the very fist pie blog post!!
if you've met me, you'd know i'm crazy about pie. meat, cherry, lemon, apple, pizza, you name it, chances are i love it!!
save for pies that include pumpkin, most vegetables and roots, with the exception of onions, and kidney...
i loves me a good steak and onion pie... bless em Brits for coming up with such ingeniousness.
i had pizza for dinner, and i must say, i love pizza. i'm too big of a fan of New York style... but theres one place thats purely amazing!!
its a little place on stevens creek, called A Slice of New York. best. NY. style. pizza. EVER!!
and i'm serious. i went to NY a few weeks ago, and even went to the VERY FIRST pizzaria in america... and it was TERRIBLE!! total SELLOUTS!!
but Chicago Deep-Dish is where its at. and only one awesome place nearby (or semi-nearby), and thats Patxi's (pah-cheese) in Downtown Palo Alto.
i'm actually asking my dad to fly me up for my birthday this year for 2 days of PIZZAPIZZAPIZZZA!!!

but meat pies are delicous too!! best one i ever had was in an english pb, of course, but i still havent had one yet that compares to it. i have had one at The Duke of Edinburgh that was delicous, though. pretty good, i must say.

and sweet pies, my god they are delicous!! chee=rry is my favorite, but i appreciate a goo lemon pie of any sort or apple pies are always welcome...
when i cant get a whole pie, and need a pie fix, hostess hand held pies are where its at... pretty good, considering..

and yes. this shall conclude it for today.

ah school. the great wastage of time. all we look forward to there, is socializing with friends.
i, myself have nothing good to do there. i'm pretty much coasting in all my classes, except for Bio and french. oh man, how i hate bio. i admit, it is forty times better since that idiot, seremeta left, but all the same, i couldnt give a rat's ass for the subject. for those who are trly intrested in the subject, my apologies, but seriously? who gives? lifes life, just live it, and stop trying to figure out how we are made...
admittedly, it has its importance's, but i'm just not one for the bloody subject
french is just plain hard. as every foreign language is... but i swear to god, when i go to france next, and try speaking, they will immediatly lable me as an american...
i fail EPICALLY in pronunciations and accents.

now the class i truly HATE is PE, but hell, who doesnt?
now i was fine with running in middle school (not really, but it was better), mostly because the teachers were nice and ran WITH YOU!!
but here at MVHS, the teachers are lazy asses. the teachers who's names starts with a "t" especially. not to name any names though. BUt the female teachers are nicer, from what i've heard.

anywho, today was the typical boring block day. i still wonder if any of you read this, or just went to the blog to just check it out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Picture Atlantic

you guys should DEFINITLY check this band out.
they are purely amazing...
they are offically my favorite band, and if you know me well, thats a hard spot to get to, and if a band gets there, they're pretty good.
their current album is Kleos, which is an amazing album.
their new album, Dulce Et Decorum, should be coming out son.
quick story of how i heard of PA. they won a competition to open for Coldplay back in 'o8...
i got handed a free disc of Kleos, and i listened toit assoon as i got home..
seriously, check 'em out!
available on iTunes, and here :

en le cours de fran├žais, my good friend Raji said,"you suck" to someone she was sitting next to.
funny as it was, it was funnier, as the junior (i think) Victor, sitting next to her decided to say " Your Mom sucks".
all the while i was standing up infront of the projector screen waiting to play our vocab game(another story, for another day), and i'm trying not to crack up, when Sanjeev decides to say ," And I swallow."
needless to say, the class erupted into laughter, and i couldnt restrain myself from cracking up.
it became awkward, fast, as our teacher was sitting there, stone faced, as if nothing had happened...
i must say, random outburst like those make my day a teensy bit better!

So it looks as if i'm goig to restart this blog... i wonder how many people would actually read what i say...
anyways, to kick it off: i've noticed that the music industry is in the shitter.
you ought to know something is wong when Hannah montana, The JoBros, and rap and other pop music, that is real shitty by the way, dominates Rolling Stone Top 100 charts and is what everyone listens to. i mean, ROLLING STONE? A bloody ROCK magazine? somethings wrong here...
and its my sad duty to tell you rock fans, but Rock and Roll is dead.
Its now our jobs to Resurrect it!

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