Sunday, February 7, 2010

kieren's birthday party

was extremely fun. although i had t miss a (apperntly epic) superbowl party, twas fun!
we first went bowling at strike, which is always quite fun... i didnt play as good as i should have, but an hour and a half later, we hit the arcade, but first we hit the pool table... chetan lucked out at the end and beat me kieren... how he manged, i do not knw; sheer dumb luck i suppose.
anywho, i managed to get enough tickets to win a comic book, which wasnt that good, but whatever... then we hit the movie theater, to see Sherlock Holmes... there, Danny, whom we all feared was dead, met us!! it really was great to see him after so long... watching sherlock holmes again was quite entertaining...
after that, we headed back to kierens place whre we goofed offf a bit... crooks, sadly did not join us, but ah well...
we played COD: MWII, fun a hell... but we got bored, FAST! twas there i broke my vow, and how i regret it. i hope reeti wont read this, or i'm F*CKED!!! i had a monster, or most of one... god, i now realize why i gave that poison up!! it makes me remarkably hyper, and adds to my friken insomnia.

now, the highlight of my night: MJ totally taking chetan down!!
she had kieren's night vision goggles on (that he got wiht MWII), and kieren chucked a pillow at her. she didnt know who did it, so we blamed chetan, who'd walked out a seond before the pillow was thrown. as soon as he cam back, she essentially decked him, pinned him, and hit him several times.
if that wasnt a blow to his ego, i dont know what is!! it was truly a priceless moment!
and then,, the night ended, and so did the fun. good, fun sunday!
a shite, i didnt do my homework... ahh well.


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