Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so today....

en le cours de français, my good friend Raji said,"you suck" to someone she was sitting next to.
funny as it was, it was funnier, as the junior (i think) Victor, sitting next to her decided to say " Your Mom sucks".
all the while i was standing up infront of the projector screen waiting to play our vocab game(another story, for another day), and i'm trying not to crack up, when Sanjeev decides to say ," And I swallow."
needless to say, the class erupted into laughter, and i couldnt restrain myself from cracking up.
it became awkward, fast, as our teacher was sitting there, stone faced, as if nothing had happened...
i must say, random outburst like those make my day a teensy bit better!


Kieren said...

FIRST COMMENT! ....only comment...ever....last comment...ever :P

Adi said...

haha, at least you read it!!
i hope!

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