Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i think its time...

well, as you must know, pie is one of the most amazing creations on this planet. i would love to meet the inventor of pie and give 'em a huge ol' hug. seriously! whats life with out pie?
i think i need to get a good meat pie. there's a great Steak and Onion Pie at The Duke of Edinburgh, buut i'm kinda sick of that 'un. and there's no good Brit Pubs locally, or even sublocaly. Brittannia Arms sucked.
but onto sweet pies, i still worship a good cherry, but i've been dying to try a good blue berry.
think about how amazing pie is. a nice, sweet, golden brown crust that crumbles perfectly in your mouth. the filling perfectly sweet and yummy.
soft and gooey, yet still has txture.
damn it. i made myself drool. maybe i shouldnt blog while hungry, and in a bad mood.
pie is mah comfort fud.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


before you get any preconceived notions that i'm becoming some stupid jobros loser, i'm not.
thats more of a title of the thing i participated in last friday evening.
Students On Stage by MV Beginning Drama. 'twas a blast really. my partner and i preformed a scene from Thorton Wilder's Our Town. weird play, didnt really enjoy reading it, but twas fun to act. i think. i dunno. every one did fantastically. they made me slick my hair back, which was weird. i think that was the most pictures i've ever had taken of me in one night. seriously!
yesterday, i finally got around to going through with my plans of creaing my own super hero for a comic book. His name is the Time-Keeper. he has a general control over time. i wont give away any more of the story line, as its pretty good, if i may say so myself. the art is gonna be a pain though, but hey, thats comics for ya! i also decided to start an acrylic painting of Time-Keeper to get a good idea of what he's going to lookk like. and i must say, 'tis going quite well! stoked!
on the note of stoke, sadly, my stoke-ometer is drooping into the dangerously low levels. still no shipping tracking code yet, with the end of school not but 2 weeks away. which isnt good. dare i say it, but i dnt want school to end for at leats three weeks. well, a part of me atleast.
my bio grades a C which i needta pull up, as is my french. a BORDERLINE C+!! GAHHH! soo close! but the tests have just been slammed on us so hard i havent been able to cope. i should start doing my math homework so it doesnt droop into a B+. i should have an A, but i just dont care. and thats bad. i've plain stopped caring; its as if i have come down with Senoritis. BUT I"M STILL A FRESHMAN!!
i keep trying to slap my self back into it, but i cant. ah well. i have 2 weeks to pull up my socks and become more responsible, and thats exactly whats going to happen. or so i hope.

this weekend shall be good. i intend to bake a loaf of bread. 'twill be 'un. i've baked all sorts of crap, but not breads and such, so this'll be fun, hopefully.i cant remember right now all else i've planned to do this week.
well, anywho, 'nuff for now. more up sooner or later. i'm tired, so nighty night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i've come to the conclusion that tea doesnt affect me very much caffiene wise. after my severe energy drink addiction back in 7th and part of eighth grade, i highly doubt caffeine truley affects me much anymore. to get that caffeine "high", i had to have some 3 to 4 cans a DAY! absurd, no? i honestly have to thank my friend for telling me shouldn't talk to me if i kept drinking that crap, for helping me get off of it.
but anyways, i enjoy a good cup of tea, or a whole pot, quite often. Last night, we went out for dinner at this Japanese Fusion Tapas restaurant. There, i had 2 whole pots of tea! Hoji Cha, to be exact. its my favorite kind, and its essentially Roasted Green tea. Its very tasty, and quite different than plain ol' green tea. i love it. i also enjoy some masala chai, whenever my mum decides to make some. nice and sweet of course! i also like plain old tea, with a dash of milk and LOADS of sugar. i think the only tea i drink that's REMOTELY healthy for me, is the Hoji Cha, mostly because i drink it plain. Rule of thumb: NEVER add ANYTHING but water to green tea. otherwise it dies. the one exception? Honey.
but linking back to the caffeine, those two pots o tea didn't keep me wired and awake till the wee hours of the morn'. in fact, it did quite the opposite! i came home, finished some homework, and then passed out.
another thing about my old caffeine addiction, i don't know its correlated or not, but i believe it is; is i have insomnia. some nights, i cant fall asleep for hours. Others, i wake up sporadically through out the night. just randomly. and others, i just dont sleep at all. i cant help it! the parental units are quite against the sleep aids, such as Tylenol PM, but i guess they should be. who knows what's in that.

and in other news, totally unrelated, MY LONGBOARD IS SHIPPING OUT NEXT WEEK! STOKE! being boardless all this time has been purely torturous. and i was weak, and did some stupid things. i mounted my Randals and high grades with green elims and red Randal cones on a 8/.75" wide vert skate deck. i havet ridden it yet, in the fear i may kill myself by accident. i tried it, however, with purple khiro barrels and red randal cones. that wasnt too bad. just ridiculously high. but anywho, not much else going on.
in Drama, i've gotten my scene lines pretty down, and my scene partner has hers down. so its just a matter of time now.
so yea, G'Night!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Iron Man 2

well, i've been so excited for this movie ever since it was announced! sadly, i did not get to see it on thursday night/friday morning, as i've been sick all week. which sucks. still am. and hating it.
anywho, i finally saw it tonight! and boy, 'twas amazing! there's so much to say about it! it was everything i expected and MORE! GREAT film, and i would DEFINITELY recommend seeing it ASAP! Scarlett Johannson is soooooooo BLOODY HOT! ZOMG! HOTTTTT!!!
and yea. Tony's new armor, the Mark V (i believe) is amazing. still not perected, as the man developes tons. but still, they did the comic justice.
so as all Marvel Comics, It had a Killer important after-the-credits scene. Last Iron Man, it was introducing Nick Fury, and S.H.I.E.L.D. they played their part in the movie, so thats great!
But this after seen is tied to a future Marvel Film. Two actually. It's not much of a spoiler, as they've already been announced, but A Thor and The Avengers movies are in the works. so the end scene was essentially a pan ot of Thors happer. i was the only one in the packed ( and i mean PACKED) theater who recognized it for the hammer... stunned or a second, i realized no one else knew what itwas?
so i then yelled out "what? you dont know what that is? It's Thor's Hammer! THOR!"
that sent everyone mumbling about thor and the hammer. and sent me thinking. i noticed(right before the credits) a folder with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers stamped on it. i wont tell you whats its in it, as thats an epic spoiler, but i told you that.
so then i realized that they announced the Avengers film! and i started hopping with joy! IT WILL BE EEEEPPPIICCC!!!
i'm soory, i'm just an epic comic book geek!

and sadly, Rolling Stone still hasnt gotten back to me. so i'm taking it as a no. hell, i never thought they'd say yes, but it was worth a shot, eh?

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