but oddly enough, there haven't been.
i didn't even realize its been a whole bloody month without me writing on my own blog.I've been much too preoccupied with sleeping, and screwing around. sometimes i'm nuttier than squirrel poo. amazing phrase wasn't that? i know you're just laughing your head off in you chair right now. oh thank you Harry Potter!
i honestly haven't been up to much this whole summer. I've, as my brother puts it, "slept my whole effing summer away, dumb ass!".
well, its true. staying up till 2 or later, then waking up in the PM equivalent hasn't proven the most productive tactic, eh? so I'm starting to get back off my ass, and get productive. or so i keep telling myself and my family.

well, i remember promising a post birthday post, so here's a chunk of one, no matter how delayed.
my birthday it self was very nice. and just plain amazing. i woke up decently early, considering, and was greeted with many "happy birthdays" from my family. i honestly couldn't believe i was now officially 15. like i had said, thanks to toy story 3, i was beginning to dread my birthday, but now, a month later, i realized how stupid i was. sure I'm growing up.sure, i have toys that i haven't played with in years. but that isn't bad. i can play with those anytime i want. and believe me i do. no matter how old i am, nor how big i am, I'm just a little kid inside, as we all are, somewhere.

well, after i realized my stupidity, i chilled, my pops decided to tell me to get dressed, and said he was taking me some where. so i did, and my whole family came with me. my dad had decided to surprise me and take me to the camera store! man, you have no idea how over-joyed i was!
after a few minutes of anticipation, i had asked to buy the flash and 50mm lens i had been wanting for MONTHS!! along with some small accessories.after that, e went out for lunch. to Korean BBQ. for those of you who haven't been to the place we go to, Palace Korean BBQ,or Korean BBQ in general, its basically a big table, with a mini gas grill in the middle, and you grill marinated meats of your choice right there.

if you know me, you'd know, next to steak, in-n-out, and Brazilian BBQ, that's some of my favorite meat in the world. so at this very one, there's essentially a buffet of raw, marinated meats, ranging from chicken to squid sliver. my personal favorite is the spicy pork, and i totally gorged myself on that stuff. WORTH IT! anywho, after that, headed home, and chilled until dinner with family friends, at BJ's. it gave me a great opportunity to try out my new lens and flash.

but honestly turning 15 wasn't that big of a deal. the main thing i got out of it was growing oh so closer to driving. which is one of the things i've been truly wishing to do since i was a little kid. i have always loved cars, and everything to do with them. still do frankly. i'm known to randomly make sounds of a manual sports car gunning down the road, shifting gears and all. just because i was bored. i still play with my Hot Wheels cars and my proper models all the time. its just so satisfying. driving is the one thing i havent been able to wait for. i just want to sit behind the wheel soo bad!! everyone in my family jokes around saying i wont get a car till I'm 21, as I'm too reckless and will go too fast.
sure, i love speed. alot, but i have an insane respect for cars. unless its a TOTAL P.O.S., i wouldnt do anything that would put my car at risk! i looovves cars! as far as dream cars go, i have many. realistically, even somewhat, there are two. and that's either a '65-'67 Mustang GT500 Fastback (must be Fastback!) or a '68-'73 Corvette Stingray. my true less realistic, but still possible dream car would be a '63 Corvette Stingray, with split rear windows. man that cars so beautiful. i'd even settle for a '64 or maybe a '65, but the '63 is where my heart is. but the car i know i will never have a chance to own, but i still worship, is the unproduced, Corvette Mako Shark II. sexiest. car. ever.

but its not like i don't like sexy sports cars. believe me i do. i have a fantastic taste in cars, if i may say so myself. i love a goo lambo murcialago LP450, or better yet, a Diablo, and I'm partial to a Ferrari Enzo, and F50, but its all about the Bugatti Veyron!! i also do LOVE an Audi R8. ssoooooo beautiful!
as far as cars go, they need to be hot, and fast. and comfy. then they are awesome.

anyways, I'm off to bed. I'm ever so slightly tired after being chucked out of bed rather forcibly by my irritated brother, so 'gnight, and maybe if i DON'T promise to write another post soon, i'll actually do it, eh?

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