Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Should be changed to Hellweeks, for a coupla reasons...
Reason 1: we typically go till 10 every day, or at least most. Deathly tiring not to mention no time for homework, so already late bedtime gets pushed even fartber back.

Reason 2: since ms. Cornelison calls the Odessey oneva the most ambitious tech shows, i'll take her word for it. Now being on the tech crew, i can tell you that it indeed is very hardcore... I mean, scene changes DURING THE SCENE? whats this?

Reason3: incredibly stressful. Getting the swooshes clipped on perfectly, walkin on/off stage synchronized with everyone else, and getting cues right... Yea, pretty stressful.

After readingthat, i hope that whatever readers i DO have forgive me not bloghing recently. Though frequency, yea, sorry.
I truely wonder if anyone actually reads this!
If you do, come and say the following word to me when you see me at school tomorrow: photograph.
Nowngoodnight And goodbyw for now! I is exhoosted! I'm typin this from my ipod!!

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