Friday, March 5, 2010

lets strike up an agreement...

seeing as i'm pretty busy with teching and other stuff, i havent been able to blog very often, not to mention being dead tired.... so hows about this, instead of trying a one-a-day blog post tactic, i'm gonna try for at least 2 a week. sound good?
anywho, today at tech was pretty chill... got "costumed", and did some odd jobs... me and kevin gallpoed around everywhere yesterday and today. seriously, tis bloody fun!!
our "costume" for tech is rip-off pants and a black tee shirt... so after we were aproved for fit and stuff, all us guys teching went to the guys changing rom and attempted to rip off the panst at the same time...
sadly, it failed. epically. the buttons were incredulously sticky..=[
so yea...
i want pie. reallllyyyyy bad... REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY BADDDD!!!
oh,m did you know that some cats actually sometimes "say" "nom" while they eat?
epic, right? not only us weirdo humans do that!!
when you think about it, we are truly weird creatures... we walk on two feet, we have thumbs, blahhh... odd.
anyways, enough of my random ranting!


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