As of today, i officially have three mthods of blogging, so i can blog whenever possible... I'm still likely to orget like i do with my twitter, which i hardly use, sadly... I know i installed that at last 2 posts a week thing but with the strss of getting everything right bfore The Odyssey opend, i just had no time! Btw, blogging from my phone right now. Cool, huh? Anyways, opening night went pretty good save for some mishaps. But hell, cant be avoided. Secnd night went really good though. I really wish we had more than 4 shows though! Ayways! You all should come see it if you can! Its MUCH better than the poem. And i liked the poem. So yea....
chilling at work with my dad in san ran today... Kinda bored since he's in meetings right now... Considering i have a computer right i fron o m, i have asolutey no iea why i'm using my phone... Stupid me, since i type fast than it can register, i make some pretty big spelling errors! I am kinda upset i hd to miss an apprently awesome concert due to the odysey on friday. The concert was for the Temper Trap... And it was at the Fillmore too garrrrr! Anyway, atleast i got 30 Seconds To Mars tickets! Thats gonna be pretty fun! Now this bloody phone just isnt picking up letters due to extreme lag. And so i'll blog more later, from my computer. Pardon the typos please!


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