Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ok some clarifiation on the awesome teacher thingie in the last post: i talked to another awesome teacher, (whom i actually had btw) and she told me that he was under review currently and is under a 5 day suspension.
apparently what really happened was that he was carrying something really heavy, and some kids attacked him with ice balls (not snow, ice!) and he had no way to block them. what happened was it hit him in the face and knocked and bent his glasses.
not cool, you little eighth grade twerps.
admittedly, he didnt react the best way, by fling snow at them...
but some adult saw this whole thing and was egging the twerps to sue him.
not right, douche, not right. he's a well respected and loved teacher, you cant just do that!
the teacher went to the students later and apologized, and said he was wrong, and all, but still, the adult came to the office and reported it. yet again, not cool dude.
well thats that. look, i dont want you guys reading this, if theres any of you, spreading this too much ok? as long as not many people know about this, tis fine...
and ignore any douches saying rumors about him slamming the kid into the snow, or shoving him into a bear-locker for 10 minutes. tis TOTAL bull. right now its down to the kids and their parents to whether or not they pursue this, and i honetly hope they do not. it'd be a shame to see such a great educator be let go like that. if he does get fired, i guarantee that school's going down the crapper.
this is as close to the truth i've found out as of yet, so try to correct any douches spreading lies, mmk?
coolio. regular post later tonight! i has huge french project to start!!

NOTE: I AM PRETTY SURE THIS IS MOSTLY WHAT HAPPENED, BUT DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS. if mentioning to an adult, please leave out my name, as i do not want to get caught up in this.and just sit tight, and be patient. it'll be over soon, just hope he gets out ok.
and little middle schoolers, revolting will get you nowhere.


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