Sunday, March 7, 2010

Santa Cruz

tonight was amazing. sunset by the ocen was stunning, and a photographers dream... definitely going into my sunset triptych, which may expand to a proper series... so far it includes a shot in San fran, one in New york, and now, one in Santa Cruz... i'm gonna do some editing with aperture tomorrow, or i should say later today...
now to why i was in Santa Cruz, i was there to sell my beloved longborad, Eva. 'twas a good run, but i'm afraid i outgrew my fatty phase. anyways, when i was talking to the buyer online, i was imagining a medium built 14-16 yearold white kid, but instead, there was this tall, skinny, and lanky white kid... dunno how old, couldnt tell. well, hell, at least i got the white kid part right! i hope he treats her better than i did.
anyways, BC approved my graphic (somewhat) of a winged BC logo in orange , and an Orange PAcman Ghost... twas supposed to be on a black painted base, but their heat sublimation graphic process would show up on top of that, so i settled for that graphic on good ol' plain bamboo. so i still have to wait a month or so to actually orderit, as they're still down for more periods of time... till mid-april apparently...
nearly ordered thenew clutch cameltoe!
but yea, gonna seit up with some sabres, and will painte 'em orange.. gonna be sick. good news is i have an extra set of wheels and trucks now. but sadly, nothing to put em on... i'm either gonna brrow a friends extra deck, of just shove em n a skate deck... who knows.
anywho. i enjoyed sleeping in today. well worth it!!
oh, and i'm gonna get my room painted!! finally. except instead of being purple with bright green splatter like i'd wanted, my dad says it'll be too dark, so i'm opting for the opposite...
now i've typed alot, so this better hold you guys off for a while.
and yet again. if you see me monday, and read this, walk up to me and say photograph.
hell, write on my wall on facebook and do it, for all i care, just as long as some one reads this, i'll be happy. then i know i dont just waste my time.


Jon said...

I always enjoy seeing your posts pop up in google reader. Keep it up dude. =]

Adi said...

haha, thanks!

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