Friday, April 2, 2010

i'm such a bad person.

i've no blogged in DAYS!
terribly sorry to those of you who read this blog.
anywho, last weekend was my good bud's birthday, which wa fun as usual!
we pulled our traditional all nighter, which was a blast. even though i was the only one who didnt pass out... again.
my idiot buddy made another impulse purchase at 3 A.M. the ones that you always regret in the morning, you know?
we chilled all night screwing around... and around 6 am we got bored and went down stair to play this video game called Castle Crashers. FINALLY a game i kicked ass at!'

twas pretty fun, but hella trippy, but that coulda been the combination of monster energy drink, no sleep and flashing colors.
so later that day i go home around 4 pm, and i screwed aroud for half an hour before trying to sleep. i havent been sleeping well lately, so i was zonked. anyways, around 6:50 pm, my dad wakes me up and tells me to do my homework, and says that he and my brother are going to a family friend's house for awhile.
apparently i was wide awake, responded coherently, and actually started my jobs.
somehow i dont remember anY of this. crazy huh?
but wait, there's more!
when they got home arond 9:30, i was woken up by the sound of my brother charging down the hall yelling " ADI YOU IDIOT! WHY'D YOU LET THE DOG PISS IN THE BLOODY HOUSE?"
I was like "whaaaatttt?" really groggily.
he's like "you dumbass, you let tasha piss in the living room! why didnt you let her out?"
"cuz i was asleep"
my dad enters and was like "Adi, what are you doing back in bed? why did you let Tasha pee in the house? why didnt you let her out?"
"i was asleep, dad! i jst woke up!"
"no you woke up at 6:50!"
"i did"
"Yes dumbass1' said mah brother.
"whoa, crazy! what happened?"
and then they told me what i said above.
worst part is, now i'm scared to know what i did subconsciously!!

anyways, april first was another Bud's birfdays, and also April fool's day. which was pretty fun. the rest of the week was pretty mundane.
tomorrow night is The Odyssey Cast and Crew Party, which i'm really excited for! 'Twill be fun!
for those of you un-comic book lovers, thats like Comic-Cons Awesome little brother!!
so pumped!!

and i'm ordering my new board as soon as i can. she already hs a name. eerrrrr, technically.still deciding between Scarlett and Layla.
tell me what you think!
more tomorrow hopefully!


usha said...

tks adi, loved the read,
hope you dont mind, lv

m, y r the best.

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