Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Stoke!

This last weekend was pretty average, so that's not what I'm writing about.
no. I'm writing about this coming weekend! so much going on!
well, first, we need to get through stupid STAR Testing... I'm seriously hoping i don't pass out after/during a test again.
yes, last year i passed out due to dehydration last year. little story behind that: i was taking the history STAR Test in my 1st period history class. epically easy. finished the whole bloody thing in 15 minutes. got a 98% too. but anyways, 3 minutes after i finished, i started feeling; well, bad... i finally got to the point where i asked to be dismissed from class. i got to the office and 5 minutes later, after a brief call to my mum to pick me up, i passed out....

needless to say, i'm trying my best to avoid this happening again, so i plan on, and am carrying around a water bottle. (nearly wrote the line from Tenacious D's song Tribute,"Needless to say/ the beast was stunned.../)

but Thursday'll be nice since we get to go to school at 10am instead of 735am. mmhhmmmm sleep.
Friday is 935. but that's the day i wish we got to go to school at 10. why?
because that amazing day isn't just the end of the week, but the beginning of an epic weekend.
yet again, you may be thinking,"so what, just a weekend?".
well, its better than that! its the Friday that BC Longboards are taking pre-orders!!
I've been waiting for this fateful day for some 5 months now!! and now here's the sucker. they're taking orders at 10am our time... sadly I'll be at school which bites a lot...
I'm considering being "sick" just to get mah board, but I'm gonna ask 'em if i can order my board earlier, and maybe my being a fan boy will've earned me enough brownie points for that to work!
but that's not the apex of my weekend.
Saturday evening is my favorite band, Picture Atlantic's Album Release show!!
it'll be amazing! they're also performing with my brother's friend's older brother's band, Please Do Not Fight. its going to be a great show, and if you're going to be in San Fran on Saturday evening, swing by and check out the show at Bottom of the Hill at 8:30
no plans for Sunday as of yet, but who knows as the week goes, eh?

and i keep apologizing for the rare posts. here i am apologizing again. SORREH!


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