Saturday, April 10, 2010


the amzingly fun day that comes around once a year... or less often as you age, haha.
anyways, tomorrow's my good friend's birthday, but we celebrated yesterday. great fun.and my brother's is on Tuesday. believe it or not, he doesnt want to turn 17, however awesome of an age that is. he's been counting down the day till it, but not the way most normal people do. odd, huh? anyways, he's been asking me to get him a pocket knife for his birthday. i've been bugging my dad to let me buy it for him, but initially he was against it. but now, i have it sitting in my (very) messy room, in plain site, and he still hasnt found it, nor knows about it.
well, thats something i can give him to brighten up his day, eh?
sad news for though is that he has night classes on his birthday night. awfuly sad, huh?
but anyways, i'm excited for him to take his driving test on the 14 so i can get him to take me for pre-idnight runs to taco bell. pre-idnight because the stupid one close by closes at 12 am...
anyways, few days ago, my bro and i got to chill out with the guys from Picture Atlantic and the guys and girl from Please Do Not Fight. really fun to chill with them, and theres a show on the 24th of april, which any of you guys who are local to san francisco should ome to. its at the Bottom of the Hill at 8:30. great show, so be there!!


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