Friday, April 30, 2010


so as i said in my last post. i went to Picture Atlantic's show at Bottom of the Hill in San Fran. sadly none of you guys (if applicable) or any of the kids i told aout the show came, but it was a fantastic show!! truly! Please Do Not Fight was amazing, and deserves just as much praise as P.A. another surprisingly good performance was by Bird By Bird. i went to the show not having any expectations about them, but left with a good opinion! their music ROCKED, but their lyrics were very weak. nonetheless, i liked them enough to buy their EP. but P.A. was amazing! they are just a fantastic band, and i'm just waiting for them to get big! plus then i can say i have been following the band for ages, and i know all of em by name!! but i also bought their brand new EP, Dulce Est Decorum Et. and its amazing! its on iTunes right now, or you can buy a hard copy at their online sore accessible by googling their name, going to their website, an then to their merchstore. check t out. seriously!

so, i also saw Kick-Ass in the time between these two pots... one word for it: AMAZING!!! i absolutely loved it! it totally lived up to the comic, i must say. action was amazing, plus the actress for Katie was hot!
and Hit-Girl was a bloody beastess. seriously. she kicked more ass than kick ass! the actress for her was fantastic. she made the movie right there. and Nick Cage did a great job on Big Daddy. if you havent seen it yet, GO SEE IT!!. iron man 2 is coming out this coming Thursday night!!! SOOO EXCITED! i'm goin' for the premier. me mum is picken' me up after school and taking me straight to the theater.
oh, and my mum came home three days ago! sorry, four.
its great to have her back!
so i really dont know what else to blog about today... well, my long board should be coming later next week o some time the week after!! i'm so bloody excited for it right now, that i dont even know how to express it.

oh, and yesterday, i sent an email to Rolling Stone magazine, asking if i wrote an article, would they publish it. i really hope they get back to me about it soon! an hopefully with good answers, or at least moderatly. that'd be so much fun!!
so yea, i'll post and update on that later.


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