Sunday, October 10, 2010

MVSNL late post.

well, my grades have dropped ever so slightly since my last post.. sad, but they shall be up soon. i hope. since the last post much has happened. ankles better, so i'm out on Layla more often, which is amazing. MVSNL was a success, rehearsal for C.O.E. is going strong. been doing some good stuff in photography, lets see what else...
i dunno, really.
so i'm gonna make this post about MVSNL. in all, total success. we completely sol out the first show, not sure about the second, but it was packed! it was oodles of fun! like seriously! i took loads of portraits backstage of fellow cast members on the second, and closing night. i figured out how to bounce my flash really well. i mean, i had read up on it and all, but never really tried it very much.i think i've gotten a good feel for how to bounce light off of where at what angle and degree for highlights on this part of the face. this following picture for instance is my first bounced photo. turned out damn good IMO.
there was this wall directly across from the backstage doors, that i just fell in love with. it bounced the light beautifully, and made the photos real warm.
this one turned out great. slightly too white ish, but otherwise, still nice and well lit over all. i also took a few with out flash but only one or two came out really noteworthy. this one was one of them:
i wish the background was nicer, but thanks to a good bokeh from my trusty nifty fifty, the parking lot served well enough. i also began to shoot manual a bit later, and stuck to it for a while. i do say, it yielded some of my best shots for the night. it darkened the skin tones enough that they didn't seemed washed out by the flash. also, it managed to turn the background black in may photos, and added some pretty epic light and shadow affects if i may say so myself.
heres one of my favorites, of Karina and my new apprentice in the ways of awesomeness, Mikey.
IMG_6750 speaking of cool lighting on photos, i've always wanted to take a photo like this next one. i really find them amazingly cool. 'tis a shame, though, that there were people in the back. IMG_6770
now re' that photography rule, called the Rule of Thirds. which is basically you frame your subject in one of the three thirds, that separate a frame horizontally. typically you avoid the center third for a more interesting photo. but i think there should be a rule of halfs, as sometimes, you just cant use the rule of thirds (especially with a fixed zoom lens!). also, i sometimes love photo bombers. especially like this. oh it would have been so epic if there wasnt bokeh, but it kinda's cool with it:
IMG_6793 well, that's all for tonight. maybe i'll do more this week, or possibly next. you never know. i'm too unreliable when it comes to blogging.


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