Wednesday, September 15, 2010

well, 'tis been a while eh?

well, yes i'm sorry about that! and, crooks, since you're like the only one who actually checks this blog every now and then, say this word to me next time you see me after reading this: megalodon.
hell anyone who knows me, say that to me!! but yea, I've been pretty busy since my last post.
school isn't so bad yet.
hmm lets see, the end of summer, went to Puerto Rico with my pops and bro. had a real blast. its honestly a beautiful island. we did alot there. we went deep sea fishin'. my bor caught like a 275lb Blue Marlin, while i brought in a 4ft long Barracuda!! fantasmic revenge for the bloody 'cuda that ate my baby tuna that i had hooked in the Bahamas about 5 years prior. also, we went zip-lining. man! was that a BLAST!! the food was rather good too; well, at certain places. there's a place we liked so much we went back there 3 times!!

so in school, i have been studying hard... but yet i already have an A- and 3 Bs... bollocks! ah wel, i'm gonna need to start working harder. i auditioned for the school fall play, and managed to hook the role of Antipholus of Syracuse in Shakespeare's Comedy Of Errors...
yoikes there's so many lines you have no idea! I've been stressing like mad!!! argghhh!!! i don't even know how i was chosen! this is seriously my first full length play since i was 8 or 9. mind blowing, i know. and even then, i only had tree lines then!! I'm really freaking out about lines, but I'm also really excited, because its gonna be oodles of fun!

now lets see, what else?
oh yea, I'd like to thank crooks again for having the coolest birthday party ever by taking us to the Green Day concert on the 4th of this month. it was amazing! honestly, musically, i have been to better concerts, but show wise, easily one of the best shows I've ever been to!! they put on an amazing show!! it was the last show of their tour, so they really pulled out all the works! coolest part? they said that they were recording the concert for a live album!!! so sweet!
speaking of concerts, i have 2 other concerts this month I'm really looking forward to!! on the 22nd, i have a Blue October concert! I'm really excited because i missed them last time 'round at the Fillmore because my dad fell sick last minute, and my mum couldn't take me. but hell, that's the past, and i am going this year!! Also, on the 30th, I'm going to see Jimmy Eat World live!! that's one show I'm honestly stoked out of my mind for!! GAHHHH!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! J.E.W. (hey! it spells "jew" coolio!) is such an awesome band!!

speaking of stoke for you longboarding readers, (ok i'm using that phrase a tad too much), i have an order placed for a clutch jailbait with custom dyed purple/black carbon fiber!! woo! i'm incredibly stoked for that board to come!! thinking of setting it up with gunmetals and Oops! , or possibly Indy's or Hybrids... honestly cant decide yet. but i'm really excited. also, i've found a ton of new longboarding friends!! thats really exciting, cuz now i have people to go ride with. in fact i had a sesh last saturday, but i had to miss it because some stupid girl just totally ruined my skating for the next 2 months... well, 2 weeks, but i'm not taking any risks because of the play.

basically, on thursday, on my way to school, some stupid girl was crossing the street to the sidewalk where i was riding t a decent pace. she made eye contact with me when she had stepped up onto the cub. i had obviously no room to stop, nor any to go around her. yet the numbskull decided to step right infront of me. i attempted to carve around her as not to totally deck her. thanks to my latest bushing combo of 93a and 88a venom elims, my front trucks got around. unfortunately, my rear trucks didnt entirely. my left wheel hit the dirt, stalling my board, thus sending me flying off. whcih, by the way, is not a very fun way to start the day. i landed with pretty much all my force on my left ankle, which is now sprained. 2 week downtime. but i'm taking 2 months, because i really do not want to jeopardize the play.

ok so yea, thats it for now. some news about the blog. i'm planning on changing the layout, as this one's getting old... so if you have any recommendations for sites that do really cool, and simple layouts for free, please comment here! also, i'm changing the style of my blog from very infrequent, but ├╝berly long posts that probably bore the lot of you to death, so semi-frequent, blog posts, and i may also use this as a photo blog... no not like how people use tumblr. like i may post some photos i took and like and wanna share, or someone else's photo i like alot. i dunno. let it just be know that changes shall be made soon!


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