Saturday, December 11, 2010

i like pens.

i really do. a good pen is a real instrument. and very useful. i'm in a constant search for a favorite pen. i thought i had finally found one when i had discovered the pilot v5 some years ago, and i sued it alot. 'tis still one of my favorite liquid ink pens by far. as far as gel ink pens, i have had many. one of my most recents, is an indian pen, a Cello Magna. talk about buttery smooth.

but as of late, i have decided to look more into fountain pens. i really love writing with fountain pens and quills (AKA dipping pens). the main thing i have hated about them, though, is the price, of both the pens, let alone the ink. there's something about them, that just keeps me loving them, when i cant afford to shell out 8 bucks for 4 tiny cartridges that would only last me a few days of daily writing. i really hate cartridges. especially the refillable ones. they're so inconsistant, and you always have to worry about them drying up. such a pain in the arse. not to mention the over all maitenence o the pens is just a killer draw back.

recently, however, i discovered the revival of an older technique of using fountain pens, the eyedropper method. it essentially is filling a fountain pen's barrel straight up with ink, forgoing the cartridges i despise. i didnt have the heart to fill any of my pens up with ink, until recently i read about a cheap fountain pen on The Pen Addict, the Pilot Penmanship. eagerly, i read more and more on it, until i found out it is a favorite to eyedropper mod, next to another pen i had found out about in my quest for cheap fountain pens.

now, on Jet Pens, i found the the Penmanship for $7.50. not bad. not bad at all. it would fit my budget rather nicely. i had honestly never expected to find such a wide berth of cheap fountain pens. as it turn out, cheap, and often disposable, fountain pens have been the latest writing trend. you can just guess how thrilled i am bout that! so in y quest for searching for the ulimate cheap fountain pen, i chanced upon the Platinum Preppy, a favorite for eyedropper pens. and i now see why. falling at just $3 at jetpens, i thought this pen would be ideal for the mod. i promptly added one of them to cart along with a Penmanship.

later, however, i deleted it, as in my search for a good ink, i chanced upon a great deal. Noodler's inks, are by far, the best ink i have used. their inks are just fabulous. they have so many varieties, that i initially had a ton of trouble deciding which one to buy. i had read much about it, and so i knew i just had to go with Noodler's. finally, i saw The Heart of Darkness color, a truly dark black ink. available in a 4.5oz bottle with an eyedropper lid, i knew this is the ink i wanted. just $19 too! and now, the reason i deleted the Preppy from the cart, is that the ink came with a free, unmarked Preppy, pre-modded for eyedropper use!! i soon had my dad order me the ink with the free pen, as well as a Penmanship.

so, within 2 days or so of ordering, i had the package on my doorstep! i got rather close to being as excited as when my new longboard came (i havent written about that yet, have i?). and i assure you, i was pretty damn excited. i ran inside, and i opened up the box and yanked out the ink and the preppy, and promptly filled it at my desk, and began doodling. i think i'm in love. i have finally found my favorite pen. it wrote so smooth, also thanks to the lubricated Noodler's ink. i didnt have to deal with the tedious task of filling the cartridge, and i jut got straight to writing, a dream come true! it also meant i didnt have to deal with potential air pockets in the cartridge, making the flow inconsistent.

i havent filled my penmanship just yet, as i dont have an o-ring to seal up the threads, but i'm sure i'll be rather please with it as well. i have decided to stock up on Preppies, as i've just fallen inlove with their cheap, amazingness. plus i have oodles of ink to doodle with.

and i assure you. i'm not weird at all.
just eccentric.


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