Monday, March 21, 2011


i absolutely LOVE sandwiches. of all sorts, but mainly if i make them, or they're made to my specs. and contrary to popular belief, sandwiches made by women are not better. i typically make my masterpieces with whatever's lying around, so its often different every day. i absoluetly HATE getting the same sandwich everyday. i think i can blame my dad for that, as he gave me literally either a PB&J or a Bologna, cheese, mustard and mayo sammiches. needless to say, i absolutely hate bologna and mayo. there was even a point where i stopped eating PB&Js for a bit (*GASP*). but no worries now! i swallow these things up FAST! what can i say? they're brilliant!

but some of my all time favorite sandwiches, excluding the mandatory PB&J, are pretty random, but awesome. i love fluffer nutters. the heavenly combonation of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. pure bliss. but give me a nutella sammich anyday! i'll love you forever! put some crunchy peanut butter (no smooth stuff for this guy!) in it, and you'll have to bring me one everyday. now, the comonation of PB, fluff, and nutella is the most unhealthy but the most delicious sandwich pretty much ever. some other sweet sandwiches i enjoy are PB and honey, and nutella and jam. they both have their merits. you. cant. use. smooth. peanut. butter. ever. it spoils the awesomeness! and you have to use the crappiest bread possible, like wonder bread, though i often use orowheat buttermilk bread.

As far as savory sandwiches, i have a very pecliar pattern with 'em. if my mum makes some sort of indian style meat, chances are, i'll try putting it in a sandwich. my choice of bread for these is pretty much always sourdough. sometimes i lightly toast the bread while simmering the curry (if it was a curry) down 'til its moderately dry. then i'll take my choice of cheese, though its often havarti, as it works great with indian stuff, and lay it on the par-toasted brea, lay on the meat, some sliced onions, some chillis, a bit of hot sauce, and then squish it together, and chuck onto a pan to grill. whilst on the grill i grab a pie tin, my huge mortar, and place it on top of my grilling sammich to press the heck oout of it. maaaaan do they turn out GREAT! but i really need to invest in a panini press. last step: cutting it diagonally, and mixing a lot of ketchup with tons of tabasco sauce, for Adi's special spiked ketchup!

i just love sandwiches. in my experience, women dont make the best, unless its their profession (not makig jokes or sexist remarks, just stating opinion!). i really just dont trust anyone with making my sandwiches. my mum tries, and honestly, they're awful pretty often. though i gotta hand her this: her open faced sandwiches whoop serious ass. i've given up on consuming my dad's sandwiches. often they lack enough of everything, and i mean everything. there's either barely any meat, or mustard, or other sauces. i wont complain too much about cheeses, but i still will. but theres ALWAYS a surplus of MAYO, UCHHHHH!!!

one of my most recent creationis is the bacon grilled cheese. pure win, deliciousness, etc. zLOVVVEEEEE them to death. its like crunchy break, gooey cheese, and crunchy and salty BACOOON <3. i really love bacon. and cheese. omnomnom.
i'ma go make me one now!


Jon said...

Dude. I just happened to sit down at my computer while eating a fluffernutter for lunch and I read this. *hi-five!*

I sometimes add fluff to my PB + J's and I've gone as far as to add chocolate syrup, butter and honey. So good.

Adi said...

best things ever. i need to try fluffer PB&Js.

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