Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i've come to the conclusion that tea doesnt affect me very much caffiene wise. after my severe energy drink addiction back in 7th and part of eighth grade, i highly doubt caffeine truley affects me much anymore. to get that caffeine "high", i had to have some 3 to 4 cans a DAY! absurd, no? i honestly have to thank my friend for telling me shouldn't talk to me if i kept drinking that crap, for helping me get off of it.
but anyways, i enjoy a good cup of tea, or a whole pot, quite often. Last night, we went out for dinner at this Japanese Fusion Tapas restaurant. There, i had 2 whole pots of tea! Hoji Cha, to be exact. its my favorite kind, and its essentially Roasted Green tea. Its very tasty, and quite different than plain ol' green tea. i love it. i also enjoy some masala chai, whenever my mum decides to make some. nice and sweet of course! i also like plain old tea, with a dash of milk and LOADS of sugar. i think the only tea i drink that's REMOTELY healthy for me, is the Hoji Cha, mostly because i drink it plain. Rule of thumb: NEVER add ANYTHING but water to green tea. otherwise it dies. the one exception? Honey.
but linking back to the caffeine, those two pots o tea didn't keep me wired and awake till the wee hours of the morn'. in fact, it did quite the opposite! i came home, finished some homework, and then passed out.
another thing about my old caffeine addiction, i don't know its correlated or not, but i believe it is; is i have insomnia. some nights, i cant fall asleep for hours. Others, i wake up sporadically through out the night. just randomly. and others, i just dont sleep at all. i cant help it! the parental units are quite against the sleep aids, such as Tylenol PM, but i guess they should be. who knows what's in that.

and in other news, totally unrelated, MY LONGBOARD IS SHIPPING OUT NEXT WEEK! STOKE! being boardless all this time has been purely torturous. and i was weak, and did some stupid things. i mounted my Randals and high grades with green elims and red Randal cones on a 8/.75" wide vert skate deck. i havet ridden it yet, in the fear i may kill myself by accident. i tried it, however, with purple khiro barrels and red randal cones. that wasnt too bad. just ridiculously high. but anywho, not much else going on.
in Drama, i've gotten my scene lines pretty down, and my scene partner has hers down. so its just a matter of time now.
so yea, G'Night!


teh awesome anchit said...

I'm pretty sure dat u have overcome wat is known as a caffeine high/caffeine stimulated ADHD syndrome. I remember u and Matt chugging down huge cans of monster in Brown, I hate Brown...

Adi said...

lol, yes. i hated brown too. really bad teacher. what ever i learned in history last year, came from me reading the textbook many times.
and i'm glad i gave it up.

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