Monday, May 24, 2010


before you get any preconceived notions that i'm becoming some stupid jobros loser, i'm not.
thats more of a title of the thing i participated in last friday evening.
Students On Stage by MV Beginning Drama. 'twas a blast really. my partner and i preformed a scene from Thorton Wilder's Our Town. weird play, didnt really enjoy reading it, but twas fun to act. i think. i dunno. every one did fantastically. they made me slick my hair back, which was weird. i think that was the most pictures i've ever had taken of me in one night. seriously!
yesterday, i finally got around to going through with my plans of creaing my own super hero for a comic book. His name is the Time-Keeper. he has a general control over time. i wont give away any more of the story line, as its pretty good, if i may say so myself. the art is gonna be a pain though, but hey, thats comics for ya! i also decided to start an acrylic painting of Time-Keeper to get a good idea of what he's going to lookk like. and i must say, 'tis going quite well! stoked!
on the note of stoke, sadly, my stoke-ometer is drooping into the dangerously low levels. still no shipping tracking code yet, with the end of school not but 2 weeks away. which isnt good. dare i say it, but i dnt want school to end for at leats three weeks. well, a part of me atleast.
my bio grades a C which i needta pull up, as is my french. a BORDERLINE C+!! GAHHH! soo close! but the tests have just been slammed on us so hard i havent been able to cope. i should start doing my math homework so it doesnt droop into a B+. i should have an A, but i just dont care. and thats bad. i've plain stopped caring; its as if i have come down with Senoritis. BUT I"M STILL A FRESHMAN!!
i keep trying to slap my self back into it, but i cant. ah well. i have 2 weeks to pull up my socks and become more responsible, and thats exactly whats going to happen. or so i hope.

this weekend shall be good. i intend to bake a loaf of bread. 'twill be 'un. i've baked all sorts of crap, but not breads and such, so this'll be fun, hopefully.i cant remember right now all else i've planned to do this week.
well, anywho, 'nuff for now. more up sooner or later. i'm tired, so nighty night.


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